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Nowadays we are searching to a resolution for getting rid of tiring effects of time as quickly and by not spending time. In terms of anti-aging especially at applications of face region choices are increasing day by day. Methods of thread lift & V lift participate considerably at practice applications of face and body rejuvenation.

Even immediately afterwards of application results start to appear. If they are made by dotted admissions, thread lift & V lift methods generally they don’t remain scar, they provide to contour as more distinct at soft tissue and they are helpful for slowing of old age reactions. Short recovering period is an important feature. According to applied technique, on same day or on a few days patients can continue to their social lives.

Application Fields:

  • Tightening of cheekbone area
  • Chin and area of under chin (loose of chin, loose of neck)
  • Lifting of eye brow
  • Wrinkles of forehead
  • Loose of Nasolabial
  • Filling of mouth
  • Nose aesthetic

*Speed of results and duration of results:

  • When recovering of tissue and renovation of tissue are taken into account, we start to see main results afterwards fourth week. According to applied technique and as depend on patient’s skin structure, there are studies about lasting of permanence, this duration may change from patient to patient

Admission Techniques: .

  • From holes which are opened by special syringes, twines are placed to under of skin by means of cannulas

Supportive applications:

  • With classic thread lift methods, applications of botulinum toxin injection, filling, mezotherapy, and various peelings can be made and luck of clinic success may be increased much more.


  • It can be applied by local anesthetic cream and by support of injection. The application may last between 15 and 45 minutes.

What is a difference between Thread lift and V lift?

  • Ingredient and thickness of materials are different from each other.
  • Generally thread lift are thicker and force of tightening are much more, they are made from sewing material such as polypropylene, polylacticacid, L- lactic acid. Fibers form a supportive roof under skin, they fix to tissue as a true position for this fixing they warn to fibroblasts in order to produce collagen and fibrous tissue.
  • At V lift polydioxanone filaments are helpful for more alive appearance, the filaments are planned as less tightening force and making of V lift benefits from polydioxanone filaments.


  • Contraindications (These situations which shouldn’t be applied)
  • At diseases of bleeding-hemophilia, at contagious diseases, at oncology diseases and at feverish disease, making of application is not suggested.

Side effects:

  • Due to making of applications with minimal trauma, possibility of side effect is low. Even if there is a low possibility, allergy may occur against effective local anesthetic medicine or against material of twin. At admission place of application or at way of cannula bleeding reactions such as small ecchymosis or hematoma may be seen. According to condition of elasticity, effect may not be seen adequately..

!!! Accordingly regulation application of Thread Lift must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.